Life as Mom

Before I had kids, I listened to some friends with children about their life as parent, their kids’ first steps, the amounts of milk or solid food they eat, how and why they cry, when and how many teeth they grow and never ending kind of complains which were mixed with happiness and great pride for their kids.

I must admit I loved to know how they are doing but not soooo much… My mom-friends could go on and on about their kids and I just could not take it for so long. So I promised to myself to NEVER-EVER, like really never-ever be like them!!!

Several years have passed, my first son was born and one moment while chatting with a good friend of mine I caught myself on the thought while talking about the sleeping patterns of my baby for about 20 Minutes. Oh my god, I though, I became like them, those chatty-annoying mommys!! (A special thank you for that very good listener “no-kid” friend of mine Lucy, who can still listen to me for hours about my daily happy or challenging moments)

Things change… We change…It’s all known that the life is different from the moment we have little treasures in our life. And we can never imagine or plan how will it be, and especially how will we be. We don’t know which type of mother we will become, how gentle or firm we will be with our children, ourselves, our friends or even to our parents.

What is certain, that it will be different… Don’t try to plan or predict… Just enjoy the ride…

So what exactly does it mean, TO BE A MOM? Here is 15 changes happening to a woman who becomes a mommy.

  1. I could sleep as long as I wanted and didn’t care when I go to bed
  2. I brushed my teeth twice per day
  3. Every day I tried to keep my place clean
  4. I didn’t step on toys and learn by heart children’s songs
  5. I didn’t even think whether my plans are not healthy for the kids environment
  6. I have never looked into the eyes full of tears, and wanted to cry myself
  7. I have never felt happier when seeing toothless smile of a baby
  8. It always bothered me when other kids were crying or screaming, especially on the plane.. not anymore
  9. I didn’t stay next to a cot without breathing not to wake the baby up
  10. I never thought I would crawl out of the room just not to wake the baby up
  11. I never held sleeping baby just not to let it go
  12. I have never felt such strong and passionate love towards someone
  13. I never thought that having a baby could be so fulfilling and beautiful
  14. I never woke up every 15 minutes just to check that everything is fine
  15. I never thought I could worry so much and and have such deep emotions…before I became a mother

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