Hello! My name is Lady O. Welcome to my site and yes, yes, as you might have guessed from its name, I’m a mommy to 2 wonderful kids.
First, a little about myself. I’m energetic, passionate and positive girl. I love life and love spending time with my friends. My friends say its never boring with me because I’m full of ideas, optimism and actions. At the same time I remain an honest person and value same in people. I hope my never ending interest in life will inspire you!

Same as myself, Mommy’s Blend – is a perfect mix of ICONIC lifestyle ideas, POSITIVE thoughts on parenthood, FUN kids activities, HONEST health & beauty tips and of course tasty recipes.

I hope that Mommy’s Blend will motivate you to:
1. spread love and optimism
2. To continue to experience mom’s life to the fullest
3. Live every day (maybe not every day but definitely most of the days)  the way you want it.