Mmmm, brownies..
If you bake it for family or when visiting friends, I guarantee you 3 things:tumblr_m32vmf0wm51rup70xo1_5001

  1. Super easy recipe to prepare
  2. Quick – only 20 min in the oven
  3. Great taste – you can’t spoil it

It’s my specialty in family, and I always bake it last minute and get compliments. You can bake it in the round plate or rectangular. And cut into squared little pieces.

I provide you the measurements for 4 and for 8 people. Go directly for 8!


  1. Soften chocolate callets and butter on a small fire
  2. Separately mix egg and sugar
  3. Add to this mix the chocolate mixture
  4. Add flour
  5. Cook 20 min on 180°